The show is a celebration of Irish song and dance through the ages. The origins of the show are from the West of Ireland now often referred to as the Wild Atlantic Way.

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Celtic Gold is about cherishing the old and the new music, blending old traditions with current Irish dance choreography.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

Celtic Gold

A celebration of Irish music and Irish dance culture from start to finish.

Celtic Gold offers a fresh new Irish entertainment experience and blends innovative Irish Dance choreography with original Irish Music and Irish song compositions.

Celtic Gold is a celebration of Irish Music, Irish Song and Irish Dance. It is a commission of the many elements of Irish artistic performance cultures brought together in one place in celebration of the history and integrity of Irish cultural enlightenment. This unique celebration blends different styles, forms and traditions of Irish song and dance, from all around the island of Ireland brought together with the observance of the traditions, an acknowledgment of the present whilst being complimented and decorated with contemporary Irish performance qualities. Celtic Gold from old Irish traditions, will continuously push the dichotomy of boundaries and expectations within Irish entertainment culture. Our superstar dancers are past performers from BOTH Riverdance and Lord Of The Dance. In addition, Celtic Gold have secured the Best of the Best with World Champion dancers, North American Champion Dancers and All Ireland Champion dancers. Celtic Gold’s costumes have been designed by the Head Of Fashion Design from the prestigious Trinity College University, Dublin, Ireland and has been broadcast in over 230 PBS station in the USA.

Celtic Gold’s creative director Joey Comerford and choreographers James Grennan and Lauren Smyth believe the more creative, innovative and flexible the ‘choreography’ the more versatile the dance and we invite you to enjoy our Celtic Gold presentation. Creativity can give dance greater complexity, yet our sense of imagination and innovation has created limitless possibilities for the choreographic team of Celtic Gold. It is this measure of creativity and innovation that we believe determines the majesty of our choreographic work that we present to you with Celtic Gold. History has shown this to be so with Fokine, Pina Bausch, Martha Graham, Nureyev and many other outstanding choreographers from around the world.

Celtic Gold welcomes you to join us, share with us and celebrate with us, this exciting journey as our audience – the most important element in every show.


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